STaking services

Empower Validator ♻️

Earn staking rewards with us and make impact at the same time!

20% of revenue goes directly to funding plastic waste cleanups around the globe, fighting for a world without waste.

We validate for a reason

We validate because we are stakeholders and because we believe in each chain.

Earn and have impact

20% of our commission goes directly to cleaning up plastic waste with no admin or other overhead.


We always strive to use best-practices when it comes to security. It is really important!

Validator that codes

Empower codes. It's what we do.

Governance focused

We work to develop best practice governance in the Cosmos ecosystem.


We believe in decentralization and pledge to do our part in it!


Ecological assets for the ReFi economy

We validate on Regen Ledger because we feel very aligned with what Regen is doing. They are creating real-world impact that go far beyond green-washing and bullshit. They do Real Impact, just like Empower.


Best-in-class NFTs

We validate on Stargaze because we believe in the future of NFTs and Stargaze is leading the development of best-in-class UX and new use cases for NFTs.

Empower also has a an NFT collection on Stargaze which you can read more about here: Plastic Cyber Heroes NFT


Self-sovereign Identity and authentic data

We validate on Cheqd because we are planning to integrate their SSI solution with EmpowerChain.

Cheqd also has an amazing team and builds consistently. We believe in them!


Internet of Impact

We validate on ixo because their values closely align with ours and because we see great potential in collaboration.


Storage & cloud privacy

We validate on Jackal because we are believe in privacy and think that Jackal has some excellent ideas on how to push this space forward.

EmpowerChain is also considering to integrate with Jackal for secure private storage of data.

More to come

More chains coming soon™