NFTs with impact

Plastic Cyber Heroes


Make Real Impact
Clean up plastic waste, receive staking rewards, get airdrops, and much more.

Which side will you take?

Empower Plastic Cyber Heroes and Villains all fight for the same cause, just for different reasons...


Why hold this NFT?

Clean up plastic waste

Each NFT minted cleans up 50kg of plastic waste and will receive or burn plastic credits (Heroes burn, Villains can sell)

$MPWR airdrop

Each holder of an NFT gets airdropped 100 $MPWR at EmpowerChain genesis

Staking rewards

10,000 $MPWR will be staked at genesis and all rewards can be distributed at will by the Plastic Cyber Hero DAO

Whitelisted for Plastic Hero Punks NFTs

Each holder of an NFT is automatically whitelisted when we release the larger Plastic Hero Punks collection

Exclusive community

Join fellow Plastic Cyber Heroes and receive exclusive event invites, alpha, other whitelists and more benefits

Beta access to Deposit App

Beta Access to the Empower Deposit App, and global network of change-makers

...and even more to come!

The mint might be over,
but you can still buy them on Stargaze Marketplace: